Tech Support

We can provide tech support to you through remote service.

Get the tech support your organization needs and free up your time

FORM+FACET offers tech support and solutions to help you manage and maintain your in-person & virtual office. Get the most out of your tech investments with our comprehensive services.
General Tech Support

We offer general tech support for all of the tech issues that arise in virtual and in-person offices. Our tech experts are always available to troubleshoot any issue that you may have - big and small!

Network & Email Administration

We specialize in network and email administration including Gmail & Google Workspace and Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 platforms. We understand how important it is to have a secure and reliable network for your business and 24\7 access to your organization’s email - which is why we provide top-notch support.


Need help maintaining your website? We got you covered! Our experienced webmasters can quickly identify any issues with your website's performance, as well as provide regular maintenance services to ensure peak performance.

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African American Genealogy Group
Peter Mott House | Lawnside Historical Society
Lawnside Scholarship Club
National Family Reunion Institute


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