Here are the ways we serve our clients and community.
How can we serve you?

Web Design

We can take your ideas and make them reality with our web design services. From wireframes to launch and implementation, we collaborate with our clients to help them visually manifest their goals through insightful design solutions. We are experienced with WordPress and Webflow sites, but we have also worked with platforms like Wix and Squarespace, among others.

We match the best platform for your unique needs so that you never end up with a website that you can’t maintain – if you want to!

Graphic Design

A team of people working on a graphic design project.

We can help you design a wide variety of marketing materials and assets to extend your brand wherever you need it to go. We can deliver complex designs for print like member manuals and anniversary booklets, or more simple digital offerings like worksheets and brochures. Are you looking to develop branded apparel for an online shop?

Look no further! We’ve worked on various types of apparel and home decor to provide additional revenue streams and fundraising opportunities.

Nonprofit Services

Our whiteglove nonprofit services collaborate with teams to find comprehensive solutions geared towards meeting your specific goals and objectives. Our extensive experience working with organizations with operating budgets large and small has helped us identify the best vendors for any type of organizational structure.

We that understand programming cycles and underlying initiatives can alter project timelines and we’ll work with you to operate in a manner that meets your scheduling needs.

Tech Support

We can provide tech support to you through remote service.

We’ve worked with large organizations of 1000+ employees to smaller operations with teams of 3 to provide tech support services. Our tech support services can range from network platforms to email systems like Gmail and Google Workspace to Outlook and Office365.

We can even suggest some alternative options if you’re looking for some more unique solutions for your nonprofit or small business. Let us know the issues you’re facing and we help you to resolve them.


Let our tech-savvy team work magic for your organization!

Let’s get your website shining bright and your tech troubles solved. Trust us, we’ve got you covered!