MANYI Juice Brands Illustrated Characters

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MANYI Juices is an iron rich juice designed to support people diagnosed with Iron Deficiency Anemia, and/or suffering from low iron. MANYI was developed to help people better manage their daily iron intake without the downsides of constipation commonly associated with taking iron pills. 

MANYI Juices
September 2017
Magnets + Character Creation

The creator of the juice line was looking to create a promotional gift for attendees and brand supporters of MANYI. The creator was given a JPG logo file that included characters, and the owner wanted to use the artwork as a basis for a sticker. The owner wanted the sticker and characters to be brighter colors with “pop” and to feel familiar - “like they were your girlfriends.”


I read information provided to have a clear understanding of the customer base. The target customer was determined to be women of color, in particular Black women and Latinas, who are more likely to experience iron deficiency and low iron symptoms. The characters in the original logo were all female but the color palette and lack of character refinement left the overall image looking antiquated and dated. The characters needed refinement that evoked personalities in a fun and engaging way.


I wanted to give each of the characters a more diverse and distinctive appearance that was more inclusive for all types of women who are generally most affected by low iron and iron deficiency. Based on the owner’s direction, I used a brighter color palette to recreate and refine the original logo without changing the integrity of the brand.


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