Genealogy Quick Start Web Project

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Genealogy Quick Start is an interactive TV program providing the steps needed to begin researching your ancestry and family history online. Genealogy Quick Start airs twice a month on Facebook Live & YouTube, and explores hot topics with special guests in a relaxed way that gives researchers a new perspective on genealogy research. Owner, Shamele Jordon approached us to give her genealogy education show a fresh new look.

Genealogy Quick Start
June 2021
Web Design
Illustrator, XD

When we were approached, they were in the same situation as many other clients. They had a brand that didn’t represent who they were in 2021 and their website didn’t effectively represent the value the brand provides. Shamele was looking for a new look that reflected the goals of the brand and resonated with her growing audience. This project was slightly different as there was no product to sell, per se - so the question was how to position the site when there was nothing to sell?


Visitors to the original site could learn about Shamele and access links to YouTube playlists & content but the owner did not want the site to continue to send viewers off site. At its core Genealogy Quick Start connects genealogy researchers with subject matter experts and provides research techniques in digestible nuggets for them to learn how to navigate complex topics. Our goal was to position the website as an extension of the show by providing the episode information that is shared during each episode but can’t be delivered efficiently due to the limitations of disseminating info via the social media and video platform.


We know that the namesake show would never become a paid product but it was important to position the business for brand awareness within the crowded genealogy service provider marketplace. Based on a separately maintained blog, Shamele produced Show Notes from each recorded episode. The Show Notes contained info about each episode including resources like books and links. We planned to develop a custom post type to feature the information in the Show Notes so viewers can easily locate episode data. We developed a new sitemap and reorganized content more logically. We also added a specialty page to advertise the paid products in development and placed CTA for a mailing list signup boldly on each page.


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