Black Genealogy Experience Logo Project

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Black Genealogy Experience is a series of professional-quality education programs and interactive learning experiences developed for libraries, historical societies and state archives to deliver education to patrons. The course materials have been carefully prepared to provide professional development to library staff on techniques to research African American ancestry.

Black Genealogy Experiences
November 2021
Logo Design

The challenge was to create a logo that established the brand and equally resonated with the brand’s primary end users: Black genealogy researchers.


We completed a strategy session that identified Black genealogy researchers and librarians as the primary customer groups. I researched and explored typefaces and color palettes that appeal to both user groups.


The final color palette selection uses a range of black and browns to differentiate the brand within the genealogy educational market. The selected typography utilizes clean, bold modern lines to reflect the bold approach to genealogy education. The final logo is a wordmark that incorporates a play on the nickname of the brand name: Black GenEx - which is phonetically pronounced; “black gen-x.”


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